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hexawe_boss_process catalogs .zip files containing piggy projects and .mp3 renders of those projects. it is run by many bosses who follow the following process to make the release public.

collect assets

you will get email sent to

feel free to follow up with an artist via your personal email.

for any release, the artist should provide:

  • mp3 render of their project
  • zip of the lgptProject folder
  • square album art (bonus points if it says HEXAWE on it)
  • info txt (greetz, facialz, contact info, version of piggy the render was made with, etc)

once these things are collected they can all be thrown in the meat grinder

verify .zip integrity

the lgptProjectFolder should be contained in the .zip

all txt/gfx should sit as siblings to the lgptsav.dat

to be more explicit, here's an example file structure:

  • [lgptProjectFolder]
    • [samples]
      • whatever.wav
      • another.wav
    • lgptsav.dat
    • albumArt.jpg
    • infoText.txt
    • someOtherTreat.jpg

mp3gain the .mp3 file

mp3gain is like replay gain but it doesn't rely on the player being smart to any special tags. this is done so that the entire hexawe catalog is smoother listening on random play (like for the flash based radio player that's on the way).

mp3gain software is available for win/mac/*nix so grab what you need:

  • win
  • mac
  • nix

and be sure your Target “Normal” Volume is 89.0 (the default), gain per track (rather than by album), and prevent clipping.

embed album art in .mp3 file

take the square art from the artist and embedd it in the mp3. if it's huge kilobytes re-save it for web or something to make it reasonable.

software for:

  • win: Mp3tag
  • mac: eyeD3 (command line tool via macports)
  • nix: kid3 (graphical tool, 1.0 lets you drag the image into the kid3 window for the selected file), eyeD3 (command line tool)

eyeD3 example (removing all tags before adding any art because you can make a mess by adding multiple FRONT_COVER art files):

eyeD3 --remove-all hex0003_burke_stank_by_starpause.mp3
eyeD3 --add-image=burkeStank.jpg:FRONT_COVER hex0003_burke_stank_by_starpause.mp3

tag .mp3 file

these are pretty obvious except the creative commons license fields, but those tags must be added and filled in exactly to allow robots to find the files.

name the .zip and .mp3 files

name the .mp3 and .zip the same, just different file extentions

check to see the next available catalog number, remember it's in hex!

use alpha numeric only, no special characters, _ instead of spaces

otherwise, just follow convention … there's lots of examples to look at :)

upload and check

  • get in #hexawe on efnet
  • logon to the hexawe ftp and upload the .zip and .mp3
  • ask someone familiar with this document to download the files and check their integrity
  • upload to bandcamp


hype the release

not necessary, but nice. a few sites to hit (and please add your own):